How It Works

Our members now receive discounts on your favorite brands with Terp Deals. Save 25%, 35% even 50% off at over 150,000 restaurants, retailers and more nationwide! You no longer have to be on campus to have access to the many benefits of your membership!
For the first time, Maryland Alumni Association members nationwide can enjoy discounts at both popular national brands and local favorites.
  • Unlimited savings with repeat usage
  • 50,000+ Local restaurant deals
  • 900+ National brands
  • 28,000+ Hotels

Discounts on Travel

As a member, you will receive a one-time $100 travel credit towards your first hotel booking. Simply visit Terp Deals, register or sign in, go to the Travel tab, then click on “add more” in the upper right hand corner. Enter code TERPTRAVEL to take advantage of your savings.

Check out the potential savings for December in New York City. You could save up to $200 per night on a hotel in downtown Manhattan (prices subject to change):
terp deals nyc 1
terp deals nyc 2
We know you are a member because you love being a Terp and take pride in UMD. Now, with all the money you can save, you can save the money that you invested in your membership with a few simple clicks! Terp Deals also has an app that you can download to keep your savings in the palm of your hand!
NOTE: You will need your Alumni Association membership ID number to register. Your ID number is 10 digits. If your number is less than 10 digits, please adding leading zero's. Ex: If your ID # is  12345678, you would enter 0012345678. You only have to register to access Terp Deals one time. Following the initial registration, you simply “Sign In.” This is a separate log in from your Profile/Alumni Directory account. ID numbers can be found on your membership card, in the address window of mail from the Alumni Association or by calling the Membership Office at (301) 405-4678.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add my travel credits?

To view your $100 credit, click on “ADD MORE...” in the upper right hand corner of the travel page. Enter TERPTRAVEL and hit “Add Credits.”

Why are some hotels listed as “No Credits”?

We aim to deliver the lowest prices possible, so don’t be surprised to see some hotels already listed at or near the wholesale rate. For properties already listed at the wholesale rate, we display the “No Credits” banner - meaning you’re already getting the absolute best price.

Can I earn more credits?

Whenever you book and pay for a hotel, you will earn additional credits for your next booking. You may need to log in again to view your new credits.

How do I use my credits to save money?

At checkout, you’ll be prompted to use your credits to discount the retail rate to get at or near the wholesale rate. Credits cannot be used to book a property lower than the wholesale rate.

What is the “wholesale” rate?

The wholesale rate is the minimum charge for each room, and it’s the lowest rate available.

Can I spend all my credits on a single booking?

Maybe. It depends on the hotel/resort, the length of stay, number of guests, etc. Your credits can be used to reduce the retail rate to the wholesale rate, but if there is no difference between these two rates, your credits will remain valid for future bookings.

What is the “retail” rate?

The retail rate is a public price most consumers typically pay whenever they book a room.

Are “wholesale” rates uncommon?

Wholesale rates are rarely offered to the general public. Typically they are only offered to wholesale providers (like Access) who can drive a large volume of sales. But most all other wholesale providers mark up the price significantly.

Can I purchase more credits?

You may not always have enough credits for a booking, in which case you will be prompted to purchase more credits (at pennies on the dollar) at checkout.


Customer Service

The University of Maryland Alumni Association is here to help you obtain your Member ID to access Terp Deals. For specific questions about deals, reservations, cancellations, etc, please contact the Member Services department of our discounts provider.