Wherever you are -- in the world, in your career, in your life -- you’re a Terp forever. Maybe you live in L.A., Boston or Beijing. Maybe you work in finance, bioscience or education. Maybe you just left campus or maybe it’s been 50 years since you graduated. What do you have in common with more than 369,000 people across the world? You’re all Terps. And your Alumni Association is here to help you find your Terp family - wherever you may be.

For more information about finding a network, our Network Leadership Conference or starting an alumni network, please contact your staff liason at:

  • Northeast, San Francisco, Denver: Steve Glickman, steveg@umd.edu, 301.405.8030
  • DC, Northern Virginia, Annapolis, Southeast: Cara Folk, cfolk@umd.edu, 301.405.9433
  • Affinity, Prince George's County, Orange County, Phoenix: Shakira Smiler, stsmiler@umd.edu, 301.405.6860
  • Academic: Chris Johnson, cjohns01@umd.edu, 301.405.7308
  • Montgomery County, Baltimore, Howard County, Los Angeles, Seattle: Angela Dimopoulos, adimop@umd.edu, 301-405-7938
  • Industry, San Diego: Aubrey McLaughlin, amclaugh@umd.edu, 301.405.7118

Academic Networks

Your school/college offers a number of ways to stay connected even after you leave campus. Connect with your academic network to learn more about resources and ways to get involved with students and your fellow graduates.

Affinity & Special Interest Networks

Whatever made your time on campus memorable -- a cultural organization, a student group, a living learning community -- those bonds don’t end when you graduate. Find a community of like-minded Terps.

Regional Networks

Find your new Terp home. Regional Networks host game watches, service events and more to keep you connected with an extensive network of alumni.

Industry Networks

Help us launch two new industry networks: the Terp Attorney Network and the Terp Entrepreneur Network. More coming soon!