In the wake of the tragic murder of Second Lt. Richard Collins III, the University of Maryland campus has come together to fight hate, create a safer campus and develop an action plan to ensure our community is respectful and inclusive for all.
The University of Maryland Alumni Association Board of Governors has issued the following statement in support of the University’s efforts:
  • The University of Maryland Alumni Association Board of Governors – proud alumni and donors – represent the interests of alumni within the University, and act as ambassadors to the greater UMD community and beyond. We remain deeply saddened by the killing of Second Lt. Richard Collins III.  We are also saddened by other events on the campus in the recent past that have sought to cause division and fear among members of our campus community. These acts are all senseless and must be a call to action. 
  • We support President Loh’s efforts to successfully address these mounting concerns and we will work tirelessly to ensure the University of Maryland continues to be an institution that welcomes and celebrates respect for all. 
  • The University of Maryland is an institution of learning that is enriched by its inclusion and diversity. We are determined to be a part of the solution, in words and deeds, and stand with President Loh in the belief that “we all must fight racism, extremism, and hate.” We call on all alumni, as well as other members of the campus community, to join us in this effort.
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