Our goal is to connect Philly-area alumni through social, professional, philanthropic and educational events in the area. If you're looking to meet other Maryland grads, find a place to watch a Terps game with other fans or give back to the Philadelphia community, make sure to check back often for details and dates on upcoming events.

Events: Events are primarily held in City Center and include game watches, professional networking and social engagement opportunities.

Number of Members: Approximately 10,000 alumni live in the Philadelphia area


Meet the Board:


Richard Cohen ‘87
Jen Coatsworth `00

Tyra Priester ‘00
Vice President

Jared Pashko `11

Brian Tague ‘99

Grace Maher `11

Brian Scholder

Daryn Rush `90

Matthew Bilow ‘04
Board Member

Daniel Emery `10

Daniel Flynn ‘03
Past President

Jessica Murphy `14



Jessica Gaffney ‘01
Board Member
Ike Richman `87

Alex Inguaggiato
Board Member

Jeff Dashevsky `89

Board Member
Shana Weiner `10

Deanna Tarulli
Board Member
Nicole Joie `17

Board Member
Eileen Council `86


Upcoming Events: