Friday, November 17, 2017 - 11:30am to 12:30pm
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University of Maryland Alumni Association
Melting pot. Marble cake. No, we're not talking cooking, we are talking about how America has long viewed itself as a nation that welcomes peoples from all walks of life, where "all men are created equal." As we enter into what some call a "post-racial" era, there are times when it seems that embracing diversity and promoting inclusion is an increasingly challenging task. This webinar looks to address the issue of cultural competency and aims to help facilitate more positive conversation, and ultimately interpersonal relationships, with those who may or may not be replicas of ourselves. The hope is to make it as fun and interactive, and still useful, as possible.

Jonathan England is a lecturer and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the African-American Studies Department at the University of Maryland. A 1995 graduate of Maryland (AASP and GVPT) his scholarly interests include racial politics, urban politics and the role of race in the world of sports. More recently he has conducted workshops on cultural competency and ally training. A proud husband and father of four, Jonathan is a connoisseur of children's television and film, a proud Prince Georgian and current resident of Columbia, Maryland.

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