Sometimes the only thing young professionals need to get their career off to a great start is a little advice and a nudge in the right direction. Current and budding entrepreneurs, artists, business leaders and more, can join the UMD Alumni Advising Network to give and receive advice and industry insights in a safe and secure environment. Sign up as an advisor or advisee today.

Alumni Advising Network FAQs

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. Go to and follow the directions on the screen. Advisors can sign up in as little as three minutes if they have a LinkedIn account. Advisees can sign up even faster!  

It only took me a few minutes to sign up. What did I miss?
(Refers to both Advisors and Advisees)

It should only take about three minutes to sign up. The one thing advisors do have a tendency to miss is scheduling their preferred times. When you sign in, click on your name at the top right, click Edit Profile, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to set your schedule.

The site uses the language "advisor"/"advisee" instead of "mentor"/"mentee." Why? 

The site uses "advisor" and "advisee" instead of "mentor" and "mentee" for a few reasons:

  • "Mentor"/ "mentee" makes it sound like the relationship is long-term and typically has a negative connotation, especially for the mentor, who may be able to commit only a finite amount of time to volunteering.
  • "Advisor"/"advisee" has a more positive connotation for both parties. Most often, the advisee needs only two or three sessions (and sometimes only one) with an advisor before he or she is able to move forward, so the word "advisor" seems more appropriate. This doesn't mean, however, that the relationship between advisor and advisee can't last longer.

How much does it cost to be an advisor or advisee?

Any UMD alumnus or approved business partner* can sign up as an advisor for free. All alumni, students and staff may use the Alumni Advising Network for free.

*Business partners will be identified by the University Career Center and schools/colleges as approved partners for this program and communicated to the Alumni Association for approval.  These advisors will be renewed yearly.

How do I get connected with an advisor?

The program will do all the work for you. You select your advisor and his or her available time. The advisor gets 48 hours to respond, and if he or she is unavailable at that time, you will receive an email notification.

The day before the phone meeting, a reminder email will be sent with a bridge phone number to call. No personal phone numbers or emails are exchanged unless the two parties agree to do so.

I want to spend only one hour a week as an advisor. Is this possible?

Yes, as an advisor you control the days and times that you want to be available to advisees. To update your availability, visit the Alumni Advising Network site, sign in, hover over your name on the drop down menu, select My Profile, Edit Profile, and scroll to the bottom of the page to update your availability. 

I see there are credits/consultations on my account. How did they get there?

All advisees will have an unlimited number of consultations available to them.

Can I charge for my advisor services?

You may not charge for your services. The Alumni Association and University Career Center are offering this service free of charge to alumni and students. As a reminder, alumni who want to use this service in an advisee capacity do need to be members of the Alumni Association. You can join at

I am an advisee. I would like to narrow my search to only people with specific attributes, but I don't see many of those attributes listed. Why?

Specific job titles or industries (or even schools/colleges at UMD) are not listed because users report a better experience when they are not forced to drill down to specific job titles and degrees. Many of the advisors have experience with different job titles and may not be working in a field that is associated with their degree or industry. The easiest way to think about this is imagine how many engineers Lockheed Martin hires, then think about how many accountants it also hires, etc. Lockheed Martin has interests in different degrees and experiences, so by allowing a lot of specificity in the filter process, you could very easily eliminate an advisor who would be perfect for your situation.

I am an advisor and no one has contacted me. Why?

You may want to check your schedule. The most active times for student advisees will be after 7 p.m. The least active times for students will be before 10 a.m. and on the weekends. For alumni advisees, typically the noon hour and between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. are the most popular. You might adjust your calendar to include some of these times. In any case, be patient. Your advisees will find you eventually.

I chose an advisor, but it's not exactly what I wanted. What can I do to find a better match?

For advisees, we suggest looking at your filters again and either adding or subtracting filters based on your needs. The more filters you choose, the fewer advisors will be available for you, so you may want to remove a few to see what type of advisor pool you receive.

For advisors, look for keywords in your profile and see what might be missing. Keywords will help advisees determine if you might be a good match for them.

Can I have an anonymous profile?

The Alumni Association picked Evisors because it did NOT have an anonymous profile option. We felt it was important for people to "see" the face of their advisor, especially since the communication vehicle will be via phone, at least initially. If you need to remain anonymous but want to participate in this program, please contact

Is my personal information secure?

Evisors does not share your personal information (email, phone number, etc). If that information is available on your LinkedIn profile, then it is available to anyone who is interested in finding that information, but it is not shared through the Evisors program.

Is it appropriate to ask an advisor for a job or a contact in his or her HR department?

This is a professional networking program, so you should treat the conversations with your advisor in a professional manner. There may be times where it's appropriate to ask this question, but remember this is not an opportunity to "spam" advisors with your resume, etc., as tempting as it may be. 

What's the best way to use this resource?

Each individual will use this resource differently. Some will have specific professional development questions, some will want to speak with people employed in specific industries or at specific organizations, some may need to talk through making their resume more concise. It will depend on you and how you feel you can best utilize Evisors.

I am searching for advisors with experience in a particular industry, but I do not see it listed? How can I add an industry to my search?

If you do not see your industry of choice listed on your profile, click on the "Add Industry" link and start typing in the text box. If a prepopulated industry name does not appear, try a different search word.  For instance, if you type in "politics," nothing will prepopulate. If you start to type in "government," however, you will find choices. Once you select one of the prepoulated choices, it will remain in your industry selections.

I do not want to be an advisor/advisee anymore. How do I delete my profile?

Please email and explain you want your profile deleted from the system. We will remove you from the system within five business days.

Can you keep your student account after graduation?

You may use Evisors for free as an advisee for one year after graduation. After that, we do require all alumni to be members of the Alumni Association if they would like to continue on using Evisors in an advisee capacity. All alumni, no matter when they graduated, can sign up to be an advisor (or an advisee).

Can you explain the ratings system in more detail?

The Alumni Association and University Career Center want to make sure that this program provides a quality experience for both advisors and advisees. The ratings system allows us to see who is using the system and what the user experience is like. On a rare occasion, an advisor or advisee may not meet our high quality standards. If that is the case, someone from the Alumni Association or University Career Center will be in contact with the alumnus or student to discuss how to make the experience the highest quality possible. 

I am an advisor and would like to work only with certain types of students (i.e. business majors or seniors).

We certainly understand your desire to only mentor certain types of students. We hope that you will be open to all students on campus. You never know how your experience or knowledge will apply to students outside a specific school or degree. For that reason, at least for the launch of this program, we are trying to keep the filters as broad as possible. 

Am I able to restrict the types of students I advise?   

We ask that you be open to all students on campus, as you never know how your experiences might related to them, even though they may not be an "expected" advisee (i.e.. an engineering student seeking advice from a lawyer or someone in the public sector).

Do I have to advise every student who contacts me?

No.  This can be accomplished by updating your schedule accordingly. There will be some popular advisors on the site, but you will not be booked for more than what you allow on your schedule.

As an advisor, can I switch my schedule around or do I need to commit to the days and times I've listed?

As an advisor, you can set and revise your schedule as you need to. The system will not allow you to delete an advising time, however, if you have already committed to meeting an advisee at that time.

How long or how many times can an advisee and an advisor stay connected?

Advisees will get two opportunities to speak with their advisor each month (assuming that the advisor is available). As long as both agree to the relationship, it can last indefinitely.