Description: Our mission is to support and cultivate the interests of alumni of the University of Maryland who affiliate or identify with the Asian Pacific American (APA) community.

Founded: 2010

Event: Annual Summer BBQ

Number of Members: 21,000

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Board Leadership:

Silvy Song '06
PIcture of Silvy Song

Jo Hsiung '08
Vice President
Picture of Jo Hsiung

Zoe Lau '05
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Benjamin Wang '13
Member at Large
Picture of Benjamin Wang

Matt Matsui '91
Member at Large
Matt Matsui

Jennifer Rezeppa '00
Member at Large
Jennifer Rezeppa

Starr Chen '13
Member at Large
Starr Chen

Lora Seo '06
Member at Large
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Chrysalis Santos Borja '14
Member at Large
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Programming Committee:
Zahra Kasim '06
Elliott Hung '13
Jennifer Tepper '09
David Johnson '06

Advisory Board:
Bobby Truong '08
Bill Li Ph.D '02
Philip Peredo '97
An Zhu '99