As a member of the Terp Advocacy Network, you can help grow support for legislative and policy positions that advance the university’s mission and goals in Maryland and in our nation’s capital.

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Invest in Our Future: Advocate for the University of Maryland

The Terp Advocacy Network (TAN) works to advance the University of Maryland mission through state and federal legislation.

Terp Advocates are volunteers—alumni, students, and faculty and staff—who cultivate and strengthen relationships with Maryland’s governor, state legislators and members of Congress to promote the value of the university and the role its students, faculty and graduates play in strengthening Maryland’s economy and quality of life.

Your voice is vital in elevating the topics that are most important to the University of Maryland and our community. From budget and student financial issues to research promotion, our issues are diverse and important. Join our network today to make your voice heard!

As a Terp Advocate, you can participate in this effort by:

  • Communicating advocacy messages to state and federal elected officials via email or phone
  • Responding to “calls to action” to contact legislators about specific issues
  • Attending local political activities such as district or town hall meetings
  • Participating in legislative advocacy training and planning meetings
  • Sharing information and updates on grassroots activities with personal and professional networks
  • Serving as a local point of contacts for legislative advocacy efforts
  • Participating in UMD-sponsored advocacy events
  • Hosting and coordinating meetings and events

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